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Nanua’s reference goes to Nana, Nani, Nanhihal (maternal grand parents). There are nine planets, nine doors in our body and nine sensory organs.

There is a proverb :-
If Nanua is dead, play is spoiled
If Nanua is active, play will be alright

When we try to engage in some bad deed, our mind says “No” and “Nu” in Sanskrit means “determination”. It can be explained like this also :- O, Om Sri ! Determination ! Do come and make our body and mind active. So Nanua is Om Sri and it works (body works like a peon) that is Nanua peon. Om Sri’s name is Nanua and it works like a peon because the job of the peon is very important. He can mar your plan of meeting the officer.

Guru is just like that, Guru guides you to realize yourself and be one with God.

In Kaliyug Guru is the panacea for all our problems. He is the solution for all our miseries as he guides us to the right path. By reciting and remembering the name of the Guru! a person can cross the oceans of his life. People may be literate but are not educated. They have not understood what is essential for the foundation of life. In Hinduism, Guru is essential to show the path of life and in Islam Noor (Light) is there to show the path. But our religious leaders negated the requirement of Guru and Noor. They misguided the people only to fulfill their own ambition of power. They made and developed different cultures, castes and creed, cultivating hatred among the people against one-another.

Guru: Sufferings is our real Guru.
Suffering is our Guru. When there is sufferings, think that our teacher is coming and if you are in great trouble, think that true teacher has come to test your patience. According to Nanua Vishnu Dutt Ji all the sermons in Kaliyug are useless because Lord Shiva has made them useless. Before the Kaliyug he had nailed all the mantras.

Nanuaji says, “ I am the peon of the people and peon can be true Guru and guide to show the real path. So suffix these words.

Bun Khandai Nanua Namami” to every sermons and see the results.

We commit sins daily without knowing. We pluck the leaves of tulsi and boil them with tea leaves. We cut the bananas into pieces for Prasad. The sticks of peepal tree are burnt in the Havan. We are killing and crushing the living creatures and troubling their souls and bear the fruit of these sins. We should make amends for these sins. The spirits of the dead make us suffer. These spirits should be fed and pacified.

Nanuaji has Devine power to see all the spirits suffering and crying. Nanua, Vishnu Dutt himself cries and feels for the suffering souls. He wants to ease the pains. So he has suggested remedies for the solution and pacification of the sufferings.

I want all people to become Sanjay who can see the souls and spirits crying. So, that they can do something for the suffering souls.

Nanuaji says Fear and Anger are the children of the Sufferings, Souls, who are creating troubles in every home. Nirati, Bhrikuti, Anger and Egoism should be pacified.

He says “Give one spoonful of wine. One laddoo of Besan (put them in fire) and one cigarette (keep it burning) for 21 days continuously. On 22nd day they (the spirits) become Brahm.

Women kill insects like ants, lice and bugs innocently and buy headaches. Their spirits can be pacified by giving one drop of blood on a batasha (Sugar Cake) into the fire.

KAAL (the god of time) should also be fed with the kneaded wheat flour.

Our forefathers should also be fed daily. If they hungry, they will create trouble. On their names, fed animals like dogs, sparrows, or cows. (If we think it logically we can relate it to the balance of ecology).

A true guru and mentor teaches you to be humble and non-violent. We should not hurt others. If we have done this we should pray and ask for their forgiveness singing the following song:

Forgive my follies, O Nanua !
And take my agonies, O Nanua !
I am simple, innocent person
In the nector, mixed I poison
Leaving the flower picked up thorns
Full of misries, O Nanua !

Forgive my follies, O Nanua !
Not a wise man, foolish creature
Never remembered the Guru, my teacher,
I negated the rules of the master
And his policies, O Nanua !

Forgive my follies, O Nanua !
I have closed both my eyes
Wasted my laughter’s and cries
Leaving the garden I’ve watered
Thorny trees, O Nanua !
Forgive my follies, O Nanua !

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