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Students should recite the name of Nanua Swami either by burning four incense sticks or without it reciting:

Nanua Saraswati for 21 times for their concentration in studies.

Awake ! children, Awake

- You are the great power of our country, you can turn the wheel of our nation’s chariot.
- Our India is in danger. Cows and calves are slaughtered mercilessly.
- Save them Massage your nails with oil and in them you can see everything like at the screen on
- Get up early in the morning.
- Touch the feet of your parents and ask for their blessings.
- Don’t trouble anyone
- Don’t learn bad habits
- Study hard and go forward
- Don’t become useless. Stop smoking
- Plucking the flowers is prohibited, otherwise you will wither away
- Be vegetarian
- Remember the name of Nanua your Guru, but also a peon and your mind will be set
- You will get the power of concentration
- And because of that you will be able to do your duty and get everything you want
- You ask for the defeat of your obstacles and they will be defeated
- Guru will guide you
- Guru will give light to you and remove darkness from your life
- Guru will set your goal and make you move forward to achieve tour goal
- Nanuaji is determined to remove the sufferings of the distressed. The gems are lying in the mud.
- Guru will take them to his heart and make them sparkle and illuminate.

They, who are betrayed in life and entangled in wrong path, will be shown the true path of life.

So always remember the name of Guru and you will conquer all the obstacles of the life, success will be yours. Victory will be yours.

Solutions for the sins of killing the following:

Scorpio : Distribute Prasad of 21 Rupees
Bugs, Lice eyc. : Give Batasha with a drop of blood into the fire
Snake, rat, cat : Feed seeds for 21 days
Peacocks, sparrows and Pigeons : Feed them for 21 days
Rabbit : Feed bread for 21 days
Fish : Feed with flour balls for 21 days
Crow, goat and buffalos : Feed bread for 21 days
Calf, cow or ox : Feed with kneeded flour for 21 days
Pig, cock : Feed with jaggery and potatoes and poories
Ant, wasp, bee and cockroach : Ghee, sugar, jalebi for 21 days.
Dog : Feed with sweet puas for 21 days
Frog : Feed with jalebi. Put into the drain for 21 days.
For cutting Peepal or any : Give sweet water for 21 days other tree
Saitan : Burn lamp filled with ghee for 21 days
Muslims : Give sugar cakes
Demons : Give sweet balls (Malai ke laddu)
For proud egoist man : Give five pedhas to Ravana and family
For conjugal hatred or : Give pairs of cloves in the name of Urmilaji misunderstanding (wife of Lakshmana) into the fire
Murder : Feed puries, kheer and ask for forgiveness touching the feet
Parrot : Feed guava for 21 days

Every Saturday
Burn a lamp full of mustard oil with black seasome sed (Til), black pulse (Urad) and an iron nail before Nanua Shani Dev.

With his divine eye:
Nanua sees the problem
Nanua hears the cry
Nanua takes the pain
Nanua sucks the tears
The humble, the humane, the high

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