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Nanua’s aim is to relieve the tensions and solve the problems of suffering humanity. He wants to make people believe and relish the goblets of name (Guru’s name). All the addictions are useless but the addiction of Guru’s name is everlasting. He makes us realize God and meet him. This is the voice of the soul of Nanua the peon, the benefactor of mankind.

He wants to remove the miseries of the people. He wants to pacify the spirits who play havoc upon the people.

He says “Don’t quarrel among yourself” remember Nanua and his guide lines.

Whose tongue utters the word “Nanua”, He will not suffer any more.

Who, he remembers the name of his Guru.

His Ishat Dev (His desired God), he will be relieved of his chains of cycle of birth and rebirth.

He who speaks for the Victory of Nanua,

He will become fearless.

If you remember Nanua, with true heart,
You will get him and all his pleasures
Whatever you ask you can get
Guru, your teacher is so kind,
No other can be compared to the Guru,
Who is full of kindness and compassion
He does not want your wealth but your affection.

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