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One day Dr. Piyush asked Nanuaji, Nanuaji we want to do some social activity for the world.

Then Nanuaji gave the agaya to make the trust for public.

The trust is by the name of Sri Nanua Sai Sudama devi Charitable trust.

The trust runs the following activities:

1) Free dhyan to see the paap of people.

2) Free Huvan Puja

3) Organize bhandaras at different places

4) Distrbute cloths and food

5) Poor people education

6) Free distribution of books and literature

7) Organize bhajans, bhajan sandhya and prabhat feri for vishva kalyan (world peace)

8) Trust undertakes renovation of old temples and darahmsahals.

The trust’s head office is in Ramghat, NANUA Ashram. The Branch office is in Delhi.

Dr. Piyush Kamthan, S/o Sri Karan Singh Kamthan, 612 Chhappatti, Bata wali gali, Mainpuri 205001

We are in several locations like Jhansi and Mainpuri. The trust registration no. is 15337 dated 23rd July, 2004

In Moradabad the activities are undertaken by Nanua Kalyug Narain Mahakaal Sewa Samiti.
Contact: Mr. Devraj Singh Thakur

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