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His name is Vishnu Dutt. He was born in a Brahmin family in 26th June, 1926. His maternal grand parents lived in Badaun. His father’s name was Pt. Kunwar Ji and grand father’s name was Sh. Chheetarmal. His mother was Smt. Rohini Devi.           More...
One day Dr. Piyush asked Nanuaji, Nanuaji we want to do some social activity for the world. Then Nanuaji gave the agaya to make the trust for public.The trust is by the name of Sri Nanua Sai Sudama devi Charitable trust.
The trust runs the following activities:
1) Free dhyan to see the paap of people.
2) Free Huvan Puja                                         More...

Nanua’s aim is to relieve the tensions and solve the problems of suffering humanity. He wants to make people believe and relish the goblets of name (Guru’s name). All the addictions are useless but the addiction of Guru’s name is everlasting. He makes us realize God and meet him. More...
   Hindus should say: Nanua Namami Nama
   Muslims should say: Nanua Noor Ilahi
   Sikhs should say: Nanua Nanak
   Christians should say:Nanua God the Father Jesus

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