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His name is Vishnu Dutt . He was born in a Brahmin family in 26th June, 1926. His maternal grand parents lived in Badaun. His father’s name was Pt. Kunwar Ji and grand father’s name was Sh. Chheetarmal. His mother was Smt. Rohini Devi.

Vishnu Dutt followed many a Gurus. His father was like a guru to him. He gave Vishnu “Gayatri Mantra”. He did whatever was told by his father.

He inherited immense property from his maternal grand parents. People use to call him Kunwarji and Kunwarji became very pround of his property, prouder than Ravana.

Then he went to his Kulguru’s place. There he met his uncles, aunts and cousins. His property turned his heads and he became perverted and adopted negative attitude. He used to call Ganga Darbar as Bhoot Durbar. His Kulguru was very angry with him and he bought his displeasure. Property worth crores banished like a flash in his worldly pursuits. It became very difficult for him to make both ends meet.

He entered into different professions but could not succeed in any of them. In depression he committed many a sins. His downfall began to show. He became very restless and in search of people, took refuge in religious worships of different kinds but in vain.

He spent nine years repenting and reciting Om Sri Serman.

In his childhood, he used to run away from school. He was a spoiled child and could not get proper education.

Then his father and uncle told him to learn the art of priest ship. But one day when he saw his uncle making a wrong statement in a horoscope of a girl for money, he stopped learning this art. Then he came into the contact of his aunt who suggested him to massage her feet.

He was very cautious and remembered the tale of Puran Bhagat who was punished severely by his step mother. Vishnu’s refusal to his aunt resulted in the non-availability of meals in the house.

He reacted sharply. It seemed as if all the bad spirits entered in his brain. He became against religion and committed many a sins. He could not beg as he was a Kunwarji. In depression he went to a jungle. There he spent years in the worship of Goddess Ganga and Durga. Then he started reciting prayers of Gunjal urs and Noornama and found some solace. He used to live at a place called Sidh Baba. There he survived by eating herbs like bathua and burhguda (pulp of the branches of banyan tree). He spent nine years in up side down position hanging on a tree in Sidhbari and three years on the bank of Ganges with his Guru. He repented for his past sins.

When he was engaged in the worship of Mother Kali Durga and reciting forty lessons “Durga Saptshati”, he was besieged by bad powers of ghosts, spirits and gins. But he, somehow overcame his obstacles. Then he practiced Hath Yoga. After a great turmoil, he realized that only true devotion (Bhakti) is the solution for all our sins.

In the end he was blessed with Devine powers. He got the Devine eye which can see the past present and future like a clear picture on the T.V. screen. He became Nanua peon. With all his Devine powers but without snobbery, egoism and with all humanity of a peon and love for humanity. He has realized that our sufferings are the results of our sins committed unknowingly.

We should not hurt others and if we hurt or kill the living creatures, we should pacify the departed souls and ask for their forgiveness. And we will be forgiven for our follies. If we repent with true heart and humility, our sufferings will be gone.

Nanua Ji says that when we burn four agarbattis we get relieved from all the four directions in the same way as when a person is on a funeral pyre with bamboo on all four sides.

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